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With the company's extensive ventures in the electronics and internet retailing services, it has emerged to be among the leading companies that offer electronic devices globally. With the company's ability to dominate in the United States electronics markets, it has been able to venture and establish its branches in most of the foreign countries. The operational strategy of the company is stipulated in such ways that the company can simultaneously undertake both of its fields of venture; the internet retailing services, as well as an electronic market venture. The company's objectives are usually met by the set concepts and methodologies to be undertaken in the company's activities.

The company has been in the rise in the country making it have the capabilities to venture in the foreign countries thus globalization of the company (Jenster& Hussey, 2001). The company's ability to venture in the foreign countries greatly contributes to its financial increase as well as the market dominance thus enhancing the sustainability of the company in its field of venture. Through certain set objectives, the company can govern its subsidiaries abroad thus being in line with the undertakings from the head office or rather the main office.

With the Amazon company dominance in electronics, especially the home appliances such as DVD's bring about the growth and the development of the company's brand name. Through the creation of an adverse environment for its products the company can now efficiently undertake its product manufacture without worries of whom; to be the consumers as they already has an existing market (Esty & Winston, 2006).

The company has also ventured into foreign countries in a move to offer its services to the customers in the foreign countries. In the venture, in the international markets, the company has been applying various strategies to enhance its dominance and sustainability in the markets. With the continued market dominance in the foreign countries, the company has gained the customer loyalty through its products and services (Schuler & Jackson, 2007). The customers can access the products and services from various sources the internet where they can make orders and even purchase the products online. Such services as free delivery are also among the extensive customer services that are offered thus acting as a motivational factor to the customers.

Tan (2013), with the company's internet services of the retailing services, they are among the most visited services and they end up having many attentions from the large multitudes of the internet users. The retailing services gains the company a lot of profits. The social media is a site that the company uses in its retailing services. With the large number of the subscribers of the social media, the company ends up having large numbers of customers who find its services and products online thus enhancing the growth and dominance of the company on the markets which are a leading factor to company's sustainability.

Sadler (2003), in the company's move to enhance the operations of the company, the company has a managerial team that deals with customer loyalty. A team that makes sure all the loyalty customers is rewarded. Customer loyalty programs help in motivating the use of the company's products. This makes the company to always have numerous numbers of customers thus improving their sales level and in return the profitability level of the company. In the past period of about a decade, the company has made numerous changes through expert's innovation. Such innovations have made it much easier for the company to have the innovation pace that the competitors have. Modernizations of their machines have also contributed to the great changes in the development of the company brand name.

Opportunities and Challenges of the company

The company has been facing numerous problems through the venturing period to its achievement of the competitive advantages of which some still affect undertakings of the company. On the internet world, the company has been in the front line in its trials to fight the rampant cases of accounts hacking as well as hackings of the website (Thompson, Strickland & Gamble, 2008). The company has been in the move to ensure that the hackers do not access their website in order to enhance the privacy of the company as this is the key factor in enhancing healthy competitive advantage over the rivals. The company employees measures and methodologies that make sure that the access of the company's website is on protocol basis and hacking of the website is much difficult.

The company has also been faced with liquidity problems that are always as a result of financial challenges (Jenster& Hussey, 2001). With the pace in the increased completions, the company ought to spend its finances in much more regulated and controlled manner in order to enable the company has the adequate amounts for the competitive advantage. The funds are rather used for programs that enhance the sustainability of the company in the market. The customer loyalty programs are among the programs that attract the customers from different diversities thus the increase in the company sales which results in the profitability of the company as well as the market dominance.

The company has an opportunity to use its internet retailing to have the market dominance of its electronic. This could be greatly enhanced by advertisements as well as online sales to increase the profitability of the company as well as the awareness among the diversified groups who have the access to the internet (Schuler & Jackson, 2007). This would increase some customers motives to have the company's products thus once they acquire the products they would contribute to the sales increase.

Due to the improvements in the technology, there has been a case of the emergence of the counterfeit gadgets that poses a threat to the company. Loss of customers who would be confused and end up buying the counterfeit products which are usually short serving are usually expected. Once a customer acquires such a product he or she feels let down with the services that the product offers to them. They end up blaming the company of having poor quality products and services that end up disappointing them which in real is not the case. This makes the company top lose the customer loyalty which is a threat to the loss of the market dominance (Esty& Winston, 2006). The company's product and service development is another key area that poses a threat to the customer satisfaction with the rising technological changes.

As the company has an access to the technological innovations the company can ensure that its adaptability to the new technology is adverse. With the continued innovation of more technological products is the company ought to ensure in order to serve its customers with the advanced products. Production of quality and unique products through continued innovations is a much better way of showing the customers how updated the company's innovations are. This would help in enhancing customer loyalty as they would believe of the technological advancements in the company.


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