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Starbucks Business Report


Starbucks is the well known company which was founded in the year 1971 by businessmen in the market place where the company was set along with the mission to inspire their customers which their inspirational spirit and management of company. The company started by providing the quality cup with coffee beans also they add to their services the Italian style beverages. They were started by serving the best of their recipes that are appealing for the customers. Their management has the policy to give the quality services and also introduced several outlets in many countries (Rothaermel, 2012).

It was the American company with the bases in the Washington and continues with the coffee house chain. It has now spread throughout the world with many stores in different countries of the world. The company is well known due to their qualitative services in the countries specially the coffee which is much popular due to its unique taste and other servings (Garcia- Cumbreras 2010).

They have now stores of about 21,536 in countries of about 64 which include the United States, China, Canada, Japan and United Kingdom with numbers of stores in these countries which are servings to their customers. The company is precisely working for their better services in different part of world where they have launched their outlets. the company is enjoying the drastic sales of due to better management in terms of their products which are now available everywhere. The premium recipes and tempting unique environment appeals their customers. They have the aim to be recognized as the unique and famous brands around the world. The strategy to set the business in different locations is leading Starbucks to the high level of popularity and rate of sales in terms of their famous coffee. The company has still adding different taste in their list of order for achieving and attracting the customers (Hill 2014).

Company profile:

The company and the management have the ability to set the standards at high and able to engage their customers by sharing the best quality of their services by providing the great coffee for their customers in a better manner. Starbucks Company is setting their outlets in different countries in order to spread the business throughout the world. They are helping the industry to grow in the markets as the customers are moving towards drinking the coffee out and spending time in the soothing environment (Rothaermel, 2012).

The company was launched in 1971 and since that time they are serving and making their policies better than anyone in the world. The company started by a single store in the market but grow rapidly with their tremendous processes of leading the company with continues growth. Starbucks is the company that have the ability to appeal their customers by finest and best quality of coffee beans and other materials in their recipes. The company was inspired by the Moby Dick which was the name that spread the inspiration of traditional trading of the coffee. In the year 1981 Howard who was the man that launched the company who walked in the firstly opened stores of the company, But later due to better services which increases the sales of the company enjoyed the tremendous growth of the company in the market evoking the traditional way servings the customers (Grant, 2010).

Objectives of the study:

The management of the company are still striving for the betterment in their policies of marketing their products, due to their tireless hard work the company is now well known due to their marketing strategies. Starbucks has the strategy to join to the other big companies that can be a step forward for the expansion of their business in other markets. The communities are moving forward to experience their servings which is affecting and increasing number of customers. In a very short period of time Starbucks has now experienced the tremendous sales in the market with help of their investors. The objectives of the study is to know the factors that are needed to set the goals and priorities of the company by generating the policies and strategies which are effective for the management of the company. They have the aim to have the effective policies that are helpful for leading the company and to expand the business in other countries which will be a worldwide popularity of the company. Starbucks is the company that continues with statements for the related effectual management of company. Surveys have found their better management of the company that are still working on the effective performance throughout the world. Collectively the Starbucks have the goals to achieve the respected naming brand which is known in the world. Starbucks is the company that have the effective and rapid growth in the markets by the strategies that are communicated in a proper way. The reason is the well versed and effective policies that can get the better perspective of their stakeholders, employees, investors of company and most importantly the customers. These policies emphasize their performance for achieving the goals and objectives in different regions of the world (Rothaermel, 2012).

The stakeholders of the company influence the social and environmental aspects for the company. The management of the company has the aim to have the long term relations with the customers and investors by applying these statements on such situations. Starbucks can improve their value in markets by growing with some other missions that can increase the values of their products. Company value depends on the mission statement so it is important to apply other important factors such as different theories and methods of marketing for their company. The effective policies that can increase their products and spread their business are the values and the communication in the organization by knowing the principles. The management is working with the dignity for getting the great environmental affect in the market; also they are embracing the components which are important for the effective management in the business (Grant, 2010).

The Starbucks is leading by setting the goals that can formulate the effective management of the company. The policies which are the excellence to get the increase purchasing and setting the standards at high level are the quality materials, loyalty towards their work, profitability which is important to get the success in the business. The development can make their management better than the other by applying the rules to set the business and to have the increase rate of sales in any company. The report includes the strategies that are important for the company to spread the business. The management of any company need to be motivated by enduring different requirements of the marketing trends that change rapidly with the diversity. The company is leading due to tremendous performance by giving the attentions to change of the trends of the markets and policies of the company. The company have the aim to penetrate in different markets of the world by giving better services to the people; they are working for the values and getting the better revenues from the markets. Company that need to be get into the market should work with the profitability in their performance. The impact of these policies could be seen by the success of the company like Starbucks is enjoying in the market due to their better managing capabilities by which they are spreading their business in other countries of the world (Hill & Jones, 2009).

It is very important to work according to the strategies and trends of the market also it is also significant for the company to meet the requirements of the customers according to their needs. They should have the sense of making the better resources and investments in the business by creating the opportunities for the customers that can meet the need of the people. The company should have the ambitions and goals to find out the stability in the markets. Starbucks is leading company which ahs came in the market with the objective to be the respected brand throughout the world; due to these policies the company is increasing the sales of their outlets.

The company has the aim to expand their business in the world. By seeking the importance of the quality services the company has now becomes the leading coffee outlet or company in many companies (Garcia- Cumbreras 2010).

The aim of this report is get the setting that are important to achieve the goals of the company in the market and to increase the rate of sales in the markets by producing and making several changes in their policies and strategies to grow their business and increase the standard of the company that will attributes in increasing number of customers that can get attracted towards their products or company as the report is about the Starbucks company.

In every business it is very important to set the criteria for the increasing in the sales of the company. The policies are the main features to increase and to set the reputation of the company in the markets. Starbucks is the company which is following these policies (Raska & Shaw, 2012).


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