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Do you have a great business idea, but don't know where to get started? Are you a business looking to outsource some tasks or gather some detailed or specialist research? Have you just finished university and need assistance building your CV or Cover Letter? No matter whether you are a student, a professional, or a business, BusinessTeacher has a tailored solution to suit your needs.

Our services have been designed to cater to your specific requirements. With the aid of our professional and qualified experts, BusinessTeacher can help you with various tasks, from gathering market research on your next product, to the start-up and maintenance of your new business – and everything in between.

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Services for Professionals

BusinessTeacher also work with a wide range of specialist legal writers. Whether your enquiry is purely business related or, if you have a need for specialist legal writing and fact checking, then BusinessTeacher has over 15 years of experience in helping professionals just like you.

As exciting as it may seem at first, embarking on a new business venture can be daunting on your own. We can connect you with professionals skilled in your specific area of interest - following a business plan or starting your own company is always a good idea with the help of knowledgeable and confidential professionals. The services provided by BusinessTeacher will aid you in achieving any short- or long-term goals you set yourself out to complete.

Our expert and professional writers will provide you with a bespoke and 100% confidential business solution. Our writers are only assigned to a customer’s request if they’ve had past experiences with what the customer needs help with. We won’t risk assigning inexperienced writers, and you have no obligation to proceed until we’ve found an expert to help. So, there is no need to worry - the solutions provided by BusinessTeacher contain in-depth analysis and an exceptional level of quality.

You can request confidential help with a large variety of factors. Our experts can give you thorough advice and guidance with any aspect of business you might have. Have you just started a new managerial role in a new business and need some extra guidance in understanding the key objectives, target customers, market, and competitors? Or do you have an incredible business idea but are not sure how to get it all started? No matter what it is, BusinessTeacher is the service for you.

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Services for Businesses

If you cannot see a business service listed, please feel free to contact us via telephone (0115 966 7971), email or Livechat and we can discuss your particular requirements.

Running a business can be a very complex task. With the constant change of socio-economic factors affecting our current society, businesses in the UK and all around the globe have never been as vulnerable. Factors such as Brexit, wage inequality, access to healthcare, and the digital divide could all be affecting your business, and you simply don’t understand why and how to stop it. All these scenarios can be controlled with advice from a confidential and trustworthy professional service such as BusinessTeacher. Our services have been designed to aid you with any queries you may have related to your business.

Our services will provide you with a wide variety of personalised solutions to your managerial needs. Is your business a start-up and you simply don’t know how to deal with the growth you are experiencing and need assistance from a professional service? Is your business already established but you need guidance on everyday tasks such as tax, exporting, marketing, recruitment, or advice on how to manage your team? Whatever is the case, with the assistance of our trustworthy and confidential writers, BusinessTeacher will produce well-researched and high-quality business material for your company.

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Services for Business Students

Please note: we do not offer services to students looking for custom assignments or essays. At BusinessTeacher we take academic integrity very seriously and we can only provide the services listed in this section.

Being a business student can open your professional future to endless possibilities. It is crucial for you to make the best possible choices – that’s where BusinessTeacher can help. Our services offer you a wide range of assistance to help you with your academic and professional demands. BusinessTeacher will provide you with unrivalled, confidential, and professional advice.

Being at university can be very time demanding. You will be juggling between completing your coursework, writing, and submitting your essays and studying for your exams. These factors could potentially be holding you back from other important aspects of your academic and professional life. Perhaps you need to write up your CV and Cover Letter to apply for a placement or graduate position? Maybe it is part of your degree to develop an idea, project, or a benefits plan for the community and you need some extra advice with it? Whatever you need help with, BusinessTeacher will provide a service that will be specialised to your unique demands.

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Expert Writers

All our writers are exceptionally qualified. We make sure all our writers have had a history of high-quality writing. Our recruitment process is very thorough. When interest is shown in a potential writer, we submit them to a range of in-depth procedures to assure they can produce a piece of work that is up to BusinessTeacher’s quality standards. A customer will not be assigned a writer who has not completed a professional course of study nor has had years of experience in the subject area that the customer is requesting assistance with. The bottom line is that we only deliver exceptional content for our customers.


Here at BusinessTeacher, we take the confidentiality of our orders and customers’ personal information very seriously. No third parties have access to our information. All customer details are kept safely within BusinessTeacher. As we may be aiding you with a serious managerial matter, we understand that confidentiality is a major priority for you and your business. Therefore, we guarantee that no one will be made aware that you have used our services.

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