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Our Free Business Resources

Our extensive collection of business study resources is categorised into the following areas:

Business Case Studies

Simple case studies, prepared by experts to give you ideas for presenting your own case study.

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SWOT Examples

These SWOT analysis examples are here to give you ideas for creating your own unique reports.

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PESTEL Examples

Also known as PEST or PESTLE these examples give you a starting point for presenting your own analysis.

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About Business Teacher is a student resources website and specialist business writing service, specialising in business, management and marketing. All of our resources are completely free-of-charge and are available as a source of information to assist students and business professionals in learning the basics of business. Our range of commercial services are competitively priced and quoted for on a per job basis.

Premium Business Study Resources

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The website is part of the All Answers Ltd group of websites and has been providing expert business study resources since 2003.

All of the resources within this website are completely free-to-use. You can easily find the available resources for a company by jumping to the company report section of this page

We have a number of detailed business case studies across a number of sectors. These case studies are a great place to start when looking for ideas for writing and presenting your own case study.

Business Case Studies

The PESTEL section of our website covers one of the most common forms of business anaysis covering:
Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Evironmental, and Legal.

Also known as PEST, PESTLE and PESTM

PESTEL Analysis Examples

SWOT analysis is probably the most common form of business analysis and stands for:
Srengths, Weaknesses, Opprtunities, and Threats.

To compliment the free business study resources pulished on this site we also offer a free Business Question and Answer service on our sister site at

Example Business Assignments

Learn by example with our student written assignments and essays

Business Teacher Company Reports

We have a number of company reports that have been created to give you some of the key points about various companies across a range of industries.

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Banking Companies

Retail Companies

Automotive Companies

Food & Beverage Companies

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Pharmaceutical Companies

Featured SWOT Analysis Examples


Amazon is the world's largest online retailer, indicating that it has captured the largest percentage of market share...

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This SWOT analysis discusses BP who operates petrochemical businesses worldwide through the network of its subsidiaries...

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This SWOT analysis discusses Cadbury the largest global confectionery supplier, with 9.9% of global market share...

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In this full SWOT analysis we will discuss Disney, as well as it's many strengths and weaknesses....

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Emirates' major strength is its location: from its central hub at Dubai airport, the vast majority of the world's...

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This SWOT analysis discusses EasyJet a leading provider of low budget, no frills air travel servicing many of the...

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This SWOT analysis discusses ExxonMobil a very innovative organisation that continues invest in research...

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Research and Development capabilities – A renewed financial investment into R&D will allow GSK to grow competitively...

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This SWOT analysis of HSBC discusses why HSBC has struggled during the recession due to its previous investment...

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Johnson & Johnson

This SWOT analysis discusses J&J, a worldwide provider of pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods...

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In this full SWOT analysis we discuss Marks and Spencers market research, brand value, publicity as well as other strengths...

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This SWOT analysis discusses McDonalds the largest global fast food brand. Full detail is provided of the strengths...

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In this full SWOT analysis we discuss Microsoft's brand loyalty, acquisitions and investments as well as other strengths...

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In this full SWOT analysis we discuss how Primark's costing, product quality, advertising, as well as other strengths...

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This SWOT analysis discusses Starbucks the US No. 1 specialty coffee retailer in terms of market share and market...

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An American company, Subway was founded in 1965 and has seen grown to having stores in over 44,000 locations...

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Toyota has some clear strengths and weaknesses which are outlined in this complete SWOT analysis of TMC...

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Walmart has faced many issues including litigation from employees accusing it of unfair employment activities...

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